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Beverage Display Case Lighting

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Promolux Lighting International makes low UV lighting for beverage and food display cases. Combine the merchandising advantages of superior illumination and spectacular color rendering with the added benefits of longer lasting flavors and improved shelf life for beverages displayed under lights.

Beverage marketing applications for Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps include beer and wine displays plus fresh juices, energy drinks and milk. When it is time to put your beverages on the shelf, display them under Promolux Safe Spectrum lighting. To order Promolux, contact us at (Toll Free) 1-800-519-1222.

Promolux has over 20 years of experience in specialty retail lighting for the display of fresh foods in retail stores.

Balanced Spectrum Lighting for In Store Beverage Displays

  • Lighting with Promolux is profitable
  • Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps are food safe
  • Promolux lamps emit reduced levels of radiation

Today's beverage displays are designed with more varied and subtle color choices, both in labelling and the bottle contents. Customers make most food and beverage choices in seconds using color as a major selection criterion. The Color Preference Index consistently ranks the lighting of Promolux balanced spectrum lamps as the most preferred color balance for beer, wine and juice displays.

The technology built into Safe Spectrum lamps is a proprietary phosphor-coating that produces a natural, balanced light and filters out damaging ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectrum wavelengths and results in reduced rates of spoilage, and a visually attractive presentation.

Reduce damage to beer, wine, and fresh juices

To minimize light-induced damage to beverages on display, your best investment is to install PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lamps in your beverage display coolers.

Retailers know that beer, wine, juices and other beverages set out in display cases will always suffer some damage from exposure to any form of light. Once bottles of beer, wine and fresh juices are set out in retail display merchandisers, they are often brightly lit to promote high turnover. If your merchandiser displays are illuminated with commonplace fluourescent or incandescent lightbulbs, those inferior lamps are likely causing more damage than necessary by producing ultraviolet radiation and uneven temperatures within the beverage display case.

As soon as bottled beverages are put on display under retail store lights, they become vulnerable to the light struck effect, discoloration and loss of flavor. Even short term exposure to merchandiser lighting can initiate a chemical reaction known as the “light struck” effect which produces undesirable mercaptans, chemical compounds that taste and smell like skunk spray, sulphur, rubber, onion or garlic, or cooked cabbage!

Retailer grocers need to know there are simple solutions for protecting light sensitive beverages.

To prevent spoilage initiated by infrared, ultraviolet and certain portions of the visible spectrum, the beverages can be protected from damaging light with food and beverage specialty display lamps by Promolux.

With Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps installed in your display cases, you can now deliver beer and wines to consumers in a fresh condition with flavors that are next best to beverages stored in the dark.

PROMOLUX Color Lamps Are Food Safe and Color Balanced

Beverages Display Case Lighting

Promolux lamps use Safe Spectrum lamp technology to reduce radiation while maintaining spectacular true color definition of all your beverage displays. Upgrade your beverage display cases and eliminate everyday lighting or hot spotlights that are often too bright and produce washed out displays with strong yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum.

While providing full balanced color for superior illumination of beverages, Promolux food safe lamps produce lower levels of ultraviolet light and radiation and help alleviate the problems of fading and light damage when it is necessary to place beer and wine displays in well-lit store areas that provide customers with easy access.

What is the Light-Struck Effect?

Beer and wine connoisseurs know that light is very damaging to the taste of white wine and beer. The light-struck effect is a chemical change in beer and wine that degrades flavor and reduces palatability.

Ultraviolet and visible spectrum radiation from sunlight and fluorescent lighting initiates a photochemical reaction in beers, wines, and fruit juices that produces mercaptans, the same chemicals that skunks use for self-defense. This photochemical reaction is known as the light-struck effect. When the flavors of beer, wine, or fruit juice have been degraded by exposure to sunlight or poor display case lighting, the resulting smell is similar to skunk spray and the drinks become unpalatable. Bottled beverages can lose value just sitting on the shelf.

Protect Bottled Beer Displays

Promolux specialty lamps make the ideal lighting choice for retail beer displays. Any time beer is bottled in clear glass, it will become light-struck in as short a time as thirty PROMOLUX true full spectrum lamps help alleviate these beer and wine display case lighting problems.seconds after exposure to light, while beer in amber glass bottles can become light-struck within two minutes. Refrigerated beer display cases are often brightly lit, exposing bottled beer to damaging ultraviolet and visible wavelength light. Promolux low radiation lamps protect the beer from light-induced flavor degradation.

Protect Wines on Display

Promolux specialty lamps make the ideal lighting choice for wine retailers. For centuries, wine connoisseurs have stored wine in dark, cool cellars, which is the best way to preserve the full flavor of the wine. However, modern wine retailers are not able to keep their merchandise in the dark right up to the time the customer picks up the bottle.

In-store lighting can rapidly cause degradation of wine flavors. Hot bright spotlights are often used to showcase wine displays, which can be particularly damaging to white wines that are usually packaged in clear glass bottles.

Promolux lamps emit lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in retail beer and wine stores.

Supermarkets work hard to win customers and gain a competitive edge and must invest heavily in equipment, store design, merchandising, labor, electric power and advertising. By comparison, the cost of investing in Promolux lamps is proportionately insignificant.

Stores using Promolux lamps find that sales increase and losses are reduced in their beverage departments, frequently in less than 90 days. You can expect an excellent return on your investment with Promolux.

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